Some of our grants

For a full list see our summaries for 2020 and for 2019. Some grants are here:

2021-2028 Methusalem Grant: Analysis and Partial Differential Equations (4,502,000)

2021-2024 FWO Senior Research Grant “Non-commutative wavelet analysis” to Michael Ruzhansky (446,968)

2021-2024 EPSRC Grant “Hyperbolic problems with discontinuous coefficients” to Claudia Garetto and Michael Ruzhansky (full economic cost £719,738)

2019 LMS Early Career Fellowship for Nurgissa Yessirkegenov (£8,000)

2019-2022 EU H2020 Marie Curie Incoming Fellowship for Dr. Serena Federico: Lower bounds for partial differential operators on compact Lie groups (€166,320)

2018-2023 BOF starting grant: Symbolic calculus of eigenfunction expansions  (€200,000)

2018-2023 FWO Odysseus 1 Project: Analysis and Partial Differential Equations (€2,710,616)

2017-2021 EPSRC grant EP/R003025/1: Regularity in affiliated von Neumann algebras and applications to partial differential equations (£498,675)

2017-2020 LEVERHULME grant RPG-2017-151: Analysis on Frame Decompositions (£250,438)

A fuller list of grants of Michael Ruzhansky