Methusalem Programme

“Analysis and Partial Differential Equations”

Our Methusalem programme is devoted to several closely related topics in the field of Analysis & PDEs: noncommutative phase space analysis, analysis on groups, Fourier analysis, pseudo-differential and Fourier integral operators, harmonic and nonharmonic analysis, geometric analysis, wavelets and frames, time-frequency analysis, spectral analysis, microlocal analysis, PDEs with singularities, linear and nonlinear PDEs, spectral geometry of PDEs, fractional order PDEs, direct and inverse problems. 

Methusalem Professor: Michael Ruzhansky

Funded Value: €4,502,000

The Methusalem initiative is long-term programme funding from the Flemish government. Its purpose is to provide stable and substantial core funding to excellent, renowned researchers at Flemish universities. They can use this budget in a flexible way to consolidate their international top level and to strengthen their international benchmark position with complete independence. Read more

Steering committee at UGent: Andreas Weiermann, Marian Slodicka

International board currently consists of the following professors:

Within this long term research programme on Analysis & PDE, beginning in 2021, we started

Methusalem Colloquium a series of lectures by distinguished speakers and visitors

Methusalem Junior Seminars run by PhD students and postdocs at the Ghent Analysis & PDE Center.

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Methusalem Microlocal Day: 22 Nov 2021