Summer School “Singularities in Science and Engineering”

Summer School “Singularities in Science and Engineering”

22-31 August 2022

Ghent Analysis & PDE Center

Ghent University


The study topic for this school concerns methods in mathematical analysis for integro-partial differential equations which arise in physical modelling and include irregular coefficients and initial data, i.e. include singularities. The topics also span a range of mathematical tools used in such analysis. The topic of the school is of fundamental importance from both the theoretical perspective and the wide range of concrete applications in problems with strong singularities.

The main objective of the school is to significantly enrich student’s knowledge in both well-known and very new mathematical tools for modelling and treating strong singularities in evolutionary systems of equations which arise in modelling physical phenomena. The aim of the school is also to bring together experts in both theory and applications, to initiate and deepen the cooperation between different fields on important concrete problems, using latest theoretical developments in the field.

Planned Lecturers:

Lecture Notes and Talks:

PDF files Recordings
Ragusa-LectureNotesRagusa Talk 1
Ragusa Talk 2
Ragusa Talk 3
Ragusa Talk 4
Prangoski-LectureNotesPrangoski Talk 1
Prangoski Talk 2
Prangoski Talk 3
Prangoski Talk 4
Witt-LectureNotesWitt Talk 1
Witt Talk 2
Witt Talk 3
Witt Talk 4
Kolountzakis-LectureNotes1Kolountzakis Talk 1
Kolountzakis Talk 2
Kolountzakis-LectureNotes2Kolountzakis Talk 3
Kolountzakis Talk 4
Konjik-LectureNotesKonjik Talk 1
Konjik Talk 2
Konjik Talk 3
Pilipović-LectureNotesPilipović Talk 1
Pilipović Talk 2
Pilipović Talk 3
Kiryakova-LectureNotes1Kiryakova Talk 1
Kiryakova-PublicLectureKiryakova Public Lecture
Kiryakova-LectureNotes2Kiryakova Talk 2
Kiryakova-LectureNotes3Kiryakova Talk 3
Luchko-LectureNotesLuchko Talk 1
Luchko Talk 2
Luchko Talk 3
Fernandez-SlidesFernandez Talk
Gomes-SlidesGomes Talk
Roychowdhury-SlidesRoychowdhury Talk
Abolarinwa-SlidesAbolarinwa Talk

Information for participants

For attending the school, the charge is 10 euro per day to cover organisational expenses. The participation of PhD candidates from Doctoral Schools at UGent, colleagues from UGent, and Lecturers is free of charge.

If you need administrative support (visa, accommodation, etc.) for your attendance, please let us know in advance.


Below is the link to the program of the summer school.

Public Lecture

In a special public lecture of the school (24 August, 16:00 CET), Prof. Virginia Kiryakova from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences will give a talk about the link between fractional calculus, science and engineering.

Organisers (Ghent Analysis & PDE Center)

Scientific Committee

Prof. Michael Ruzhansky, Dr. Ljubica Oparnica, Prof. Marian Slodicka, Prof. Hans Vernaeve, Dr. Joel Restrepo, Dr. Berikbol Torebek, Dr. Niyaz Tokmagambetov


The summer school is supported by a grant from the Ghent University:

It is also partially supported by the FWO Odysseus and UGent Methusalem projects “Analysis and Partial Differential Equations”: