Here (in sub-menus) we give more details on several existing projects carried out in the framework of our activities.

If you are a student interested in doing a Master of a PhD project in the area of Analysis & PDE and their applications, please feel free to make contact for more information on topics and/or possible funding.

Some projects:

Methusalem Project “Analysis and PDE”

FWO Odysseus I: Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

FWO Research Project: Noncommutative Wavelet Analysis

FWO Research Project: Pseudo-differential Operators on Homogeneous Manifolds

Regularity in affiliated von Neumann algebras and applications to partial differential equations

Hardy-Sobolev type inequalities on homogeneous groups and applications

Marie Curie LieLowerBounds

Symbolic calculus of eigenfunction expansions

Medical Imaging & Analysis

Licence plates recognition