Research Perspectives Ghent Analysis and PDE Center

There is a new series in Birkhäuser/Springer, associated to our Ghent Analysis & PDE Center:

Research Perspectives Ghent Analysis and PDE Center

This series is located within Birkhäuser’s Trends in Mathematics series.

Series description

Research Perspectives Ghent Analysis and PDE Center is a book series devoted to the publication of extended abstracts of seminars, conferences, workshops, and other scientific events related to the Ghent Analysis and PDE Center. The extended abstracts are published in the subseries Research Perspectives Ghent Analysis and PDE Center within the book series Trends in Mathematics. All contributions undergo a peer-review process to meet the highest standard of scientific literature.

Volumes in the subseries will include a collection of revised written versions of the communications or short research announcements or summaries, grouped by events or by topics. Contributing authors to the extended abstracts volumes remain free to use their own material as in these publications for other purposes (for example a revised and enlarged paper) without prior consent from the publisher, provided it is not identical in form and content with the original publication and provided the original source is appropriately credited.

Series editor: Michael Ruzhansky

Type of papers

Here is some more information on the type of the papers:

  • Each paper is 3-8 pages long (including title and references), the upper limit of 8 pages is strict
  • It is expected that the paper is of an extended abstract type, namely: one can make a short research summary or announce some results without proofs. The idea is similar to publishing in journals like e.g. C.R.A.S. Paris, Funct. Anal. Appl., or Doklady RAN. Therefore, publishing a paper in this volume does not influence the publication of a full research paper, which can be published as usual elsewhere.
  • The papers in the volume should be included in Scopus, MathSciNet and Zentralblatt
  • Publication is free of charge, authors should get free electronic access to the whole volume

The paper can be prepared in any latex style file. However, for the convenience of the authors, we can suggest a simple latex template, please let us know if you would like us to send it to you.

Forthcoming volumes

Volume title: Extended Abstracts MWCAPDE 2023
Volume subtitle: Methusalem Workshop on Classical Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
Volume editors: Michael Ruzhansky and Berikbol Torebek

Volume title: Extended Abstracts 2021/2022
Volume subtitle: Methusalem Lectures
Volume editors: Duvan Cardona, Joel Restrepo, Michael Ruzhansky

Volume title: Extended Abstracts 2021/2022
Volume subtitle: Ghent Analysis and PDE Seminar
Volume editors: Michael Ruzhansky, Karel Van Bockstal

Volume title: Women in Analysis and PDE
Volume editors: Marianna Chatzakou, Michael Ruzhansky, Diana Stoeva

Volume title: Analysis and PDE in Latin America
Volume subtitle: ICMAM 2022 Latin America
Volume editors: Duvan Cardona, Brian Grajales

Volume title: Extended Abstracts 2022
Volume subtitle: Analysis and Applied Mathematics
Volume editors: Allaberen Ashyralyev, Michael Ruzhansky, Makhmud Sadybekov