Analysis & PDE group seminar usually takes place on Fridays, from 9:30am, with no time limit. This is an informal event of our Analysis & PDE Center and associated researchers, where everyone talks about their work for about 15-20 minutes. This leads to exchange of ideas, effective learning, and facilitates the collaborations. We usually pause for lunch break and have tea/coffee and cakes at the end. During the pandemic it takes place via ZOOM.

Ghent Methusalem Colloquium is a series of lectures by distinguished speakers and our guests.

Ghent Methusalem Junior Analysis & PDE Seminar is run by PhD students and postdocs at Ghent Analysis & PDE Center, providing an opportunity to young researchers in various areas of analysis and PDEs to share their ideas and to learn new exciting things related to the topics of Analysis & PDEs as well as broader mathematical subjects.

Analysis & Applied Mathematics Seminar is a weekly research seminar that we organize jointly with several other universities.

Ghent Geometric Analysis Seminar is a periodic seminar dedicated to the research of modern trends in analysis, differential geometry, K-theory, and differential topology by following the modern techniques in the analysis of elliptic and subelliptic PDE.

Extended abstracts of the talks given at these seminars appear as volumes in the Birkhäuser series Research Perspectives Ghent Analysis and PDE Center

Analysis & Logic Seminar of our department currently takes place on Mondays at 4-5pm.

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All are welcome to both seminars.

Pre-pandemic times:

Dr Niyaz Tokmagambetov
Dr Serena Federico
Dr Berikbol Torebek
Discussion of seminar
Lenny Neyt (PhD student)
Arshyn Altybay (PhD student)
Duvan Cardona (PhD student)
Dr Vishvesh Kumar
Daurenbek Serikbaev (PhD student)