Microlocal Day #8: 17 Feb 2023

The Microlocal Day is an initiative of a short and intensive series of lectures devoted to different aspects of the microlocal analysis and related topics. The program includes research lectures as well as survey lectures aimed at researchers and PhD students interested in the subject. All are welcome to attend.

The next “Ghent Methusalem Microlocal Day #8” will take place on 

Friday 17 February 2023

Venue: Leslokaal 3.2 

9:30am Brian Grajales (University of Pamplona, Colombia): The spectrum of the Laplace operator on compact simple Lie groups.

10:30am Mulugeta A. Dagnaw (Injibara University, Ethiopia): On Boundary-Domain Integral Equation for the two-dimensional Stokes problem.

11:00am Coffee Break

11:30am Joel Restrepo (Ghent University, Belgium): Regularity of some integro-differential equations on locally compact  groups.

12:00am Abhilash Tushir (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India): Discrete fractional Klein-Gordon equation and semiclassical analysis.

This Microlocal Day continues the tradition of Microlocal Days that we have been organising at Imperial College London, then continued at Ghent University. So, this Microlocal Day can be viewed as Microlocal Day #8.

Organisers of Microlocal Day #8: Brian Grajales Triana and Duván Cardona.

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