Ghent Methusalem Junior Seminar

The Ghent Methusalem Junior Analysis & PDE Seminar is run by PhD students and postdocs at the Ghent Analysis & PDE Center. It provides an opportunity for young researchers in various areas of analysis and PDEs to share their ideas and to learn new exciting things related to the topics of Analysis & PDEs as well as broader mathematical subjects.

The seminar currently takes place on ZOOM. If you would like to receive a zoom link or be added to the seminar mailing list, just send an email to any of the organisers. For any inquiries about the seminar, you can also Email Mrs Kim Verbeeck

Abstracts of talks

Upcoming seminars

 23 February 2021
4:30 pm (CET)
Hong-Wei Zhang
(Orleans University, France, and UGent) 
An introduction to spherical Fourier analysis on noncompact symmetric spaces
 2 March 2021
4:30 pm (CET)
Juan Pablo Velasquez Rodriguez 
(Ghent University, Belgium)
An introduction to Vilenkin groups
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9 March 2021
4:30 pm (CET)
Effie Papageorgiou
(University of Crete, Greece)
An introduction to multipliers on non-compact symmetric spaces and locally symmetric spaces
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23 March 2021
4:30 pm (CET)
Liliana Esquivel
(Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy and Universidad de Pamplona, Colombia)
30 March 2021
4:30 pm (CET)
Adilbek Kairzhan
(University of Toronto, Canada)
 13 April 2021
4:30 pm (CET)
Marcello Malagutti
(University of Bologna, Italy)
20 April 2021
4:30 pm (CET)
Pritam Ganguly
(Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India)


If you would like to give a talk, or to invite someone to give a talk, please contact:

Duvan Cardona (PhD student, Ghent University)
Serena Federico (Marie Curie Fellow, Ghent University)
Vishvesh Kumar (Postdoc, Ghent University)
David Rottensteiner (Postdoc, Ghent University)
Bolys Sabitbek (Postdoc, Queen Mary University of London)

For any inquiries about the seminar, you can also Email Mrs Kim Verbeeck