Summary for 2022

2022 was another fruitful year for our Analysis & PDE Center at Ghent University. Here, we summarise the main highlights from this year.

Some statistics:

  • Our website had more than 96,000 views since its launch in 2019
  • We had 24 speakers in Ghent Methusalem Junior Seminar for 2022
  • We had 20 speakers in Ghent Methusalem Colloquium for 2022
  • More than 290 presentations were given by our members and guests in our Analysis & PDE group seminar in 2021-2022
  • Members of our Analysis & PDE Centre in 2022 attracted two FWO Fellowships, as well as received a number of prestigious awards and prizes for their research

Publications for 2022: published papers and preprints

See also our previous summaries for 2021, 2020 and 2019

Prizes/Awards, Grants, and Highlights of 2022:

  • FWO Junior Postdoctoral Fellowship, to Marianna Chatzakou
  • FWO PhD Fellowship, to Arne Hendrickx
  • Scopus Award Kazakhstan 2022 to Berikbol Torebek in recognition of his scholarly contribution to mathematics
  • Presidency of the Scientific Board (2022-2024) for the ICMAM Latin America, to Duván Cardona by the Colombian Mathematical Society
  • Research Internship Grant to Duván Cardona, by the ERC-Advanced Grant DyCon Project 2015 H2020-694126 at The Deusto Institute of Science and Technology, Area: Control Theory and Microlocal Analysis, Report of this project is on this website
  • Heidelberg Laureate Forum Grants for young researchers to Berikbol TorebekMeiirkhan BorikhanovVishvesh Kumar, Karlygash Dosmagulova and Anjali Srivastava
  • IMU-Simons African Fellowship Awards to Abimbola Abolarinwa (Nigeria) and Narciso Gomes (Capo Verde).
  • The Best Scientist Prize by the Kazakhstan Government to Niyaz Tokmagambetov and Durvudkhan Suragan, with awards of approx. 12,000 euro each

New PhD students
5 new PhD students are starting at UGent in 2022, supervised by Michael Ruzhansky:

  1. Xuechao Wang, Ghent University 
  2. Arne Hendrickx, Ghent University, supported by FWO PhD Fellowship
  3. Yergen Aikyn, Ghent University, supported by Bolashaq Foundation, Kazakhstan
  4. Irfan Ali, Ghent University, supported by HEC Pakistan
  5. Zhipeng Song, (Ghent University and Université de Franche-Comté, France)

There were two successful PhD defences in 2022:

  1. Aishabibi Dukenbayeva, Nonlocal elliptic problems: well-posedness and spectral properties
  2. Bakhodirjon Toshtemirov, Direct and inverse problems for singular partial differential equations with fractional order integral-differential operators

This makes it 17 PhD students for our group, currently supervised by Michael Ruzhansky: see here for complete list

International and national conferences organised by our group in 2022:


NameUniversitydate of arrivaldate of departure
Volpert VitalyUniversity Lyon 131/05/202203/06/2022
Shabalina Elenad&b audiotechnik GmbH & Co. KG14/02/202209/07/2022
Gomes Narciso ResendeUniversity of Cape Verde15/07/202230/09/2022
Ghosh SekharNational Institute of Technology Rourkela03/01/202231/03/2022
Duduchava RolandiThe University of Georgia   01/03/202231/05/2022
Smadiyeva AsselyaAl-Farabi Kazakh National University01/03/202202/05/2022
Beisenbay ArayKazakh National University01/03/202202/04/2022
Abolarinwa AbimbolaUniversity of Lagos, Nigeria10/06/202207/09/2022
Sabitbek BolysQueen Mary University of London20/01/202220/04/2022
Karimov ErkinjonFergana State University16/03/202230/04/2022
Suragan DurvudkhanInstitute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling01/07/202230/07/2022
Oralsyn GulaiymInstitute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling01/07/202230/07/2022
Tulenov KanatInstitute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University04/06/202212/06/2022
Shargorodsky EugeneDepartment of Mathematics, King’s College London19/04/202222/04/2022
Srivastava AnjaliBanaras Hindu University02/07/202228/09/2022
Mamanazarov AzizbekFergana state university02/08/202215/10/2022
Mazhen AltynayAl-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityY15/10/202206/11/2022
Toft JoachimLinnæus University03/10/202214/10/2022
Delgado JulioUniversidad del Valle01/07/202220/08/2022
Roychowdhury PrasunIndian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune, India20/06/202217/09/2022
Karimov ErkinjonFergana State University13/07/202227/08/2022
Ragusa AlessandraUniversity of Catania20/08/202226/08/2022
Fotiadis AnestisAristotle University of Thessaloniki29/06/202202/07/2022
Kiryakova VirginiaInstitute of Math. and Inform., Bulg. Academy of Sciences21/08/202227/08/2022
Androulidakis IakovosNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens21/09/202224/09/2022
Kolountzakis MihalisUniversity of Crete18/08/202231/08/2022
Luchko YuriBerlin University of Applied Sciences and Technology21/08/202225/08/2022
Prangoski  BojanFaculty of Mechanical engineering – Skopje, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje22/08/202226/08/2022
Pilipovic StevanUniversity of Novi Sad, Serbian Academy22/08/202226/08/2022
Konjik SanjaUniversity of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences26/08/202230/08/2022
Grigoryan MartinYrevan State University28/07/202227/08/2022
Ashimov YeskendyrInstitute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling15/09/202215/11/2022
Duduchava RolandiThe University of Georgia   08/11/202217/11/2022
Tsaava MedeaThe University of Georgia   08/11/202217/11/2022
Tephnadze GeorgeThe University of Georgia   08/11/202217/11/2022
Tutberidze MargaritaThe University of Georgia   08/11/202217/11/2022
Cardona AlexanderUniversidad de los Andes02/10/202208/10/2022
Vassiliev DmitriUniversity College London21/11/202225/11/2022
Botchway LindaUniversity of Ghana06/09/202228/11/2022
Nomm SvenTallinn University of Technology04/12/202211/12/2022
Grajales BrianUniversidad de Pamplona21/12/202220/02/2023
Ghosh AbhishekTata Institute of Fundamental Research05/11/202231/01/2023
Khompysh KhonatbekAl-Farabi Kazakh National University11/12/202218/12/2022
Belitser EduardVrije Universiteit Amsterdam14/12/202216/12/2022
Hohloch SonjaUniversity of Antwerp13/12/202213/12/2022
Witt IngoMathematical Institute, University of Göttingen21/08/202201/09/2022
Fernandez ArranEastern Mediterranean University26/08/202201/09/2022
Pierangelo LibianchiTechnical University of Denmark30/05/2022 6/06/2022
Muhammad Fahad (Phd student at summer school)Eastern Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus, Turkey19/08/202201/09/2022
Myrzabayeva Galiya (Phd student at summer school)Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling, Kazakhstan26/08/202201/09/2022
Mahesar SaraMehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan01/09/202225/02/2023
Shaimardan Serikbol                                             Al-Farabi Kazakh National University14/03/202213/03/2023
Zhunussova ZhanatInstitute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling, Kazakhstan18/03/202213/06/2022
Ashimov YeskendyrInstitute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling18/03/202213/06/2022
Malagutti MarcelloUniversity of Bologna, Italy16/04/202215/07/2022
Zhang RongSchool of Mathematical Sciences, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China01/04/202231/03/2023
Yeskermessuly Alibek Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute, Kazakhstan01/04/202230/09/2022