Junqing Huang

I am a PhD student at Department of Mathematics: Analysis, Logic, and Discrete Mathematics, supervised by Prof. Michael Ruzhansky. I am interested in computer vision and machine learning, and more specifically in topics such as sparse representation, transfer learning, theoretical foundations of deep learning.



1. Huang, J., Ruzhansky, M., and Wang, H. (2020). Weakly supervised learning photo enhancer with inexact training pairs.
2. Huang, J., Wang, L., and Wang, H. (2019a). Intrinsic image transfer for illumination compensation. In Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (on submission).
3. Huang, J., Ruzhansky, M., Zheng, L., and Wang, H. (2019b). Feature extraction for license plate location based on l0-norm smoothing. Open Computer Science, pages 128–135.

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