Xuechao Wang

I am a current Ph.D. student at the Department of Mathematics: Analysis, Logic, and Discrete Mathematics, Ghent University. I am working under the supervision of Professor Michael Ruzhansky. I am interested in computer vision and machine learning, and more specifically in topics such as text matching, image target detection.

Curriculum Vitae


  1. Junqing Huang, Haihui Wang, Xuechao Wang, and Ruzhansky Michael. Semi-sparsity for smoothing filters. (in submission).
  2. Wenhao Wang, Xuechao Wang, Sun Yidan, and Haihui Wang. An intelligent book retrieval system for chinese libraries using deep learning. (in progress).
  3. Xuechao Wang, Ruzhansky Michael, Junqing Huang, and Haihui Wang. Text matching as time series matching. (in progress).