Linda Botchway starting her PhD

Congratulations to Linda Botchway, for receiving the grant of USD 15,500 from the Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY), for her PhD at the University of Ghana, Legon, under our supervision.

Linda Well done, Linda!

We are looking forward to Linda’s visits to our Analysis & PDE Center at Ghent University, and to her enrolment to UGent PhD program for a joint PhD.


Research of Linda on pseudo-differential operators on {\mathbb Z}^n started while she was a Master student at AIMS Ghana. This resulted in a substantial (41 pages) publication, a great achievement for a Master Student:


Botchway L., Kibiti G., Ruzhansky M., Difference equations and pseudo-differential operators on ZnJ. Funct. Anal.278 (2020), no. 11, 108473, 41pp. link (open access)arxiv

300px-SquareLattice.svgIn the above paper one makes a consistent development of the calculus of pseudo-differential operators which can be called pseudo-difference operators in the context of the lattice {\mathbb Z}^n Some interesting questions to answer:

    • how to define Hörmander type or other symbol classes on {\mathbb Z}^n?
    • what is the relation to the analysis on the torus {\mathbb T}^n?
    • can it be used to derive new properties of operators on {\mathbb Z}^n?
    • how to apply it to solving difference equations and to finding properties of their solutions?

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-08 at 9.02.42 PM

Webinar by Accessibility Best Practices for Moving Mathematics Online

Description: For many years there has been a push for moving teaching and research content online in a form that goes beyond just linking print versions of documents. The COVID pandemic has only accelerated this trend, forcing all faculty to focus on how to deliver courses online. However, hastily moving material online bears the risk that important accessibility considerations are neglected, threatening fair and inclusive education for all. This is especially true for mathematics and other STEM fields where complex structures such as equations and diagrams play an integral role. In this webinar we will advocate that in addition to moving content online quickly, instructors can use best practices developed for authors to ensure accessibility of math content from the start, thus avoiding additional and duplicate work.

Our presentation shall give an overview of different requirements on presentation and content for students and readers with special needs and how assistive technology support can be provided. We shall particularly concentrate on what this means for math content and how it is made accessible on the web. We argue that the web is the ideal platform for hosting and curating modern content regardless of their original sources like LaTeX, Word, or plain text. And we will demonstrate how accessibility can be practically a free byproduct of conversion from traditionally authored content. In conclusion we discuss ways of authoring, preparing, and teaching accessible web documents containing mathematics, highlighting some of the best practices.

Presented by Prof. Volker Sorge, University of Birmingham, UK & MathJax Consortium

Time:   July 13, 2020 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

This information is presented here

Dr Durvudkhan Suragan on Kazakh TV

file_000Another of our former postdocs (still at Imperial College London), and an associated collaborator of our Ghent Analysis and PDE Centre, Dr Durvudkhan Suragan, featured on Kazakh TV, in a special program about him and his achievements.

Congratulations, Durvudkhan!

It is very rewarding to see current and former students and postdocs being recognised for their achievements!

Watch it on Youtube:

TV Durvudkhan

Also, with the appearance of Dr Berikbol Torebek:

TV Berikbol

Recently: another of our associated member, Dr Erkinjon Karimov, on Uzbek State TV, read here.

Erkin on TV

Our books with Durvudkhan Suragan:

  1. Ashyralyev A., Kalmenov T., Ruzhansky M., Sadybekov M., Suragan D. (Eds.) Functional Analysis in Interdisciplinary Applications II, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Springer, 2020, to appear
  2. Ruzhansky M., Suragan D., Hardy inequalities on homogeneous groups: 100 years of Hardy inequalities, Progress in Mathematics, Vol. 327, Birkhauser, 2019. xvi+588pp. link, free download (open access book), poster, the winner of  Ferran Sunyer I Balaguer Prize 2018
  3. Ruzhansky M., Sadybekov M., Suragan D., Spectral geometry of partial differential operators, Monographs and Research Notes in Mathematics, Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, 2020. 378pp. link, free download (open access book), poster

Our papers with Durvudkhan Suragan:

  1. Restrepo J., Ruzhansky M., Suragan D., Explicit representations of solutions for linear fractional differential equations with variable coefficients. arxiv
  2. Kassymov A., Ruzhansky M., Suragan D., Reverse Stein-Weiss, Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev, Hardy, Sobolev and Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequalities on homogeneous groups, arxiv
  3. Kassymov A., Ruzhansky M., Suragan D., Reverse integral Hardy inequalities on metric measure spaces. arxiv
  4. Ruzhansky M., Sabitbek B., Suragan D., Geometric Hardy inequalities on starshaped sets. arxiv
  5. Ruzhansky M., Sabitbek B., Suragan D., Geometric Hardy and Hardy-Sobolev inequalities on Heisenberg groups. Bull. Math. Sci., to appear. arxiv
  6. Kassymov A., Ruzhansky M., Suragan D., Anisotropic fractional Gagliardo-Nirenberg, weighted Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg and Lyapunov-type inequalities, and applications to Riesz potentials and p-sub-Laplacian systems. arxiv
  7. Ruzhansky M., Sabitbek B., Suragan D., Subelliptic geometric Hardy type inequalities on half-spaces and convex domainsAnn. Funct. Anal., to appear. arxiv
  8. Ruzhansky M., Suragan D., Yessirkegenov N., Euler semigroup, Hardy-Sobolev and Gagliardo-Nirenberg type inequalities on homogeneous groups. Semigroup Forum, to appear. link (open access), arxiv
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Dr Erkinjon Karimov on State TV


Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 5.58.37 PM

Dr Erkinjon Karimov, a long-term collaborator and an associated member of our Ghent Analysis & PDE Center was on the Uzbekistan State TV, celebrated for his scientific achievements. A special program was filmed about him.

Congratulations, Erkinjon!

Erkinjon has been our long-term visitor in 2019, and is planning to join us as a researcher from Autumn 2020, in the framework of our Odysseus project.

Erkinjon has just co-organised the Fractional Calculus Workshop with us.

Watch the YouTube Video (in Russian):

Erkin on TV

Forthcoming workshop Fractional Calculus, 9-10 June 2020

Workshop: Fractional Calculus


International Workshop on Fractional Calculus

9-10 June 2020

Ghent Analysis & PDE Center

Ghent University/ZOOM

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ZOOM instructions (updated)

For the convenience of participants, if you want to obtain the zoom address of the meeting (before or during the conference), please send an email to Berikbol Torebek at

You can send it any time before or during the workshop. Once we have your interest and email address, we will send you the updated zoom link.

Book of Abstracts VIDEO


The aim of the workshop is to exchange the recent progress and ideas in the field of fractional calculus and fractional differential equations (FDEs), and their applications to a variety of concrete problems. Our group took an initiative to organise this workshop for the continuity of research in the field despite the coronovirus times, therefore, the conference will take place on ZOOM.

The work of our group on the fractional calculus can be seen here


There is also a forthcoming special issue on evolution equations with singularities.


Confirmed Speakers

Workshop: Fractional Calculus, see details