Duvan Cardona’s interview from Mexico

The August 2021 edition of the Mexican magazine Revista D Escenarios dedicated an interview to the Colombian mathematician and currently a PhD student and a member of our Ghent Analysis and PDE Center, Duvan Cardona Sanchez. The Interview was prepared by the international press officer Alejandra Suárez Giraldo.

Duvan talked about some of his responsibilities as a young mathematician. He serves from 2020 as a ‘Par evaluador’ (academic reviewer) for the Colombian Science Ministry and for Colciencias (the group of validation of the scientific investigation in Colombia) in view of his experience as a reviewer for Mathematical Reviews, and his recognised achievements awarded by the Colombian Academy of Sciences.

In this interview Duvan talked about his career, his experience as a PhD student at Ghent University and the recognition of his work between the Latin-American mathematicians. Also, he commented about his experience as a lecturer in several universities in Colombia, before of starting his PhD and also, about the recent developments of his joint works with the Russian mathematician Michael Ruzhansky and the Colombian mathematician Julio Delgado. In particular, he remarked the amazing experience of working under the supervision of Michael Ruzhansky.

Duvan shared his point of view about the mathematical investigation in Colombia, and his role as a young mathematician who is consolidated in Latin-America as a young face of the mathematical research. He certainly dedicates his achievements to their mentors at Universidad del Valle, Los Andes University and at Ghent University.

Duvan’s mathematical work, before and after starting his doctorate, has caught the attention of the Latin American mathematical community, who now see in this young mathematician a source of inspiration for the future generations. Duvan also describes the amazing experience of working with fellows and colleagues from several countries, Kazakhstan, India, Italy, Colombia, China, etc. and the high level of the scientific research developed in the group of Michael Ruzhansky. According with Semilla Spirall Foundation,  Duvan Cardona is committed with the education of children in his homeland, he has donated economic resources from his doctoral scholarship, to the benefit of the educational processes of the native communities in  Sierra-Nevada. A remote place in Santa Marta-Colombia, where the population lives in situations of extreme poverty. In the past, when he was an undergraduate student, he worked during several years to the service of vulnerable populations in Buenaventura-Colombia, commented Pastora Velazquez, a community leader of Buenaventura.

The interview of Duvan Cardona can be downloaded in (Spanish) PDF at this link.